Monday, October 30, 2017


At the installation ceremony of Samraat Club Bori, the Chief Guest, Sharmad Raiturkar shared a valuable experience. He had initiated an activity during a meeting of his team. Members were handed a piece of paper. They were asked to list out what they could contribute to the desired transformation in the country.

The writings were collected and then read out aloud. There were suggestions for bureaucrats, for politicians, for society, for law makers, for law enforcers, for teachers, for students, for the younger generation, so on and so forth. There was no professed commitment by any writer. There were declarations of expectations. There were no declarations of obligation!

Most of us can diagnose and prescribe solutions. There are very few who move on to implement the same remedy as a personal initiative. Even when asked to suggest our personal contribution, we shift onus away from self and avoid the obligation that is to be addressed. We find advice easy to give but find commitments tough to make.

We avoid obligation as we insist on expectations only of others. We too belong to the same circle of expectation. We may or may not be part of the problem but we can always be part of the solution. We are entitled to have expectations of all role-players and stakeholders, but our obligation should rise from the same expectation.

It is in our interest to back the change we seek. Mahatma Gandhi said it so well, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ Expectations to contribute to the change must start with us by making the commitment from a sense of obligation. It is all about taking onus for the situation and contributing to the desired change.

If it is to be… for every expectation
It is up to me to see my obligation!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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