Monday, October 23, 2017

Many Parts

I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano - a stage where every man must play a part. And mine a sad one - Antonio in Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ Gratiano responds to say ‘Let me play the fool.’ 

Most of us choose to play a single part and it defines the script of our life. Some choose to play many parts and that is, both, tough and fulfilling. One such person, Dr. Sanvlo Quenim would be entering into his centennial year today! He passed away in 2000 but remains alive in the memories of many. He was able to influence and inspire many because he played many a part. And he played each part well.

As a Doctor, he schooled in French, Latin and Portuguese. He had mastery over Konkani, Marathi and other languages. As a Doctor he made a difference by his expertise as well as his sensitivity. He would reach out to distant villages to visit his patients as well as home was his busy clinic. Most patients could not afford to pay his fees and some even borrowed money from him to buy medicines.

He was a multifaceted personality: a sketch artist, tabla-player, orator, singer and actor. He enthralled audiences with all his talents, especially in dramas. He went on to be the vice-chairman of Kala Academy in its formative years. His ‘prescriptions’ worked wonders to create a world class institution that promotes art and culture. He was proactively involved in many initiatives, positions and teams.

We have the potential to play many parts. But, we choose to focus on one so that we play a good part. Dr Sanvlo Quenim showed that one can play many parts well too. Though he did not accumulate wealth, he was able to lead a full life. He fulfilled his family obligations, professional duties as well as found stage for his creative talents and leadership qualities. He played many parts. And they were happy ones!

Playing a lone part is oft a sad one…
many parts lead to truly happy ones!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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