Monday, November 6, 2017


We need to be wary of ones who use friendship for selfish fiendish reasons. Even friendship that survived many years may be discovered to be one of deceit and pretence. In such case it is best to ‘unfriend’ - an option offered on social networking forums to facilitate the defriending of an earlier approved friend.

Of course, virtual ‘friends’ are often just connections that are easy to make or break. But in the real world, friendships involve perception too. There are instances when others in the circle remain unaware of a break up in a friendship and the fiend may continue to misuse the perception of still being a friend.

In various networks (virtual and real) friendship is considered as a corollary to be being part of the same group. We describe ‘distant colleagues’ as ‘close friends’. Being courteous, considerate and sociable are actions of any sensitive human being. These are personal choices that do not always expect reciprocity.

Real friendship is something else. Friends are relations you can depend on. They may be critical of you but with the best of intentions. They may be weak but they will stand up for you. They may carelessly share your secrets but would never spread lies about you. They will not stab you in the back never mind the incentive. Indeed it is all about being a friend in deed!

Pretence of friendship may be a selfish need…
But real friends are seen as true in every deed!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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