Monday, January 8, 2018


Yesterday was occasion to listen to Ramesh Bhatkal speaking on the topic ‘Gandhi’s Inner Voice’. The talk was part of MOG Sunday events at Musuem of Goa (MOG) curated by Dr Subodh Kerkar. Bhatkal narrated examples to explore Gandhi’s holistic interdisciplinary approach based on his inner voice.

In the interaction that followed the talk, a person asked whether everyone was owner to the inner voice like Gandhi. Bhatkal responded with an insightful answer, ‘each has a similar inner voice, though it may be not the same!’ He delved further to explain how Gandhi evolved through his experiments with truth.

The word ‘similar’ refers to having a resemblance without being the ‘same’. We often use the words interchangeably. For instance, two persons could be wearing similar clothes without wearing the same one. In fact, things that seem similar but may not be the same. This distinctness makes all the difference.

There is a tendency to see things, situations and people in singular perspectives. But we need to notice the divergence in the similarity. Understanding the underlying diversity gives deeper insights. We often confuse similarity for sameness. Doing so leads to prejudice and restrictive thinking.

Even within a person, things evolve and do not remain the same. We may seem similar to what we were but we may not remain the same. But we have the choice to choose a positive path to that evolution of reasoning. And this thought is confirmed in aligned actions. After all, thoughts and actions must be similar!

Being similar is not the equivalent of being the same…
Distinguish the deeper diversity in the reasoning game!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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