Monday, January 15, 2018

Little pebbles in little hands

When a little hand clenches a little pebble
not to play… but to hurl, hurt and cripple…
When with fear and rage little ones tremble
it is the loss of a mind born openly simple!

A mind of a child is for kindness to reside
but some elders unkindly otherwise decide…
Love is submerged under the reprisal tide
and the loving child turns to a spiteful side!

Future is not for diggers of the past season
who ignore lessons that lead to reason…
Lines are drawn to define loyalty and treason
and childhood bears the brunt of the hate-lesson!

And little hands are handed pebbles for hurling
at hoods who as warriors are masquerading…
Never mind the trigger, we need calm thinking
does a child’s mind deserves such burning?

No wrongs can be ever set right this way
where children are led from peace to stray…
There are better paths than the bloody bay
where missiles are born of things of play!

It is time to speak up to reach every hearing
that the larger fight needs careful considering…
Little hands are not meant for harmful hurting
Little hands are meant for positive building!

So hand little pebbles to little hands now
but not in the name of another holy cow…
Let little hands with little pebbles play to show
Little towers that rise with hope on the brow!

And if not towers let the pebbles form a way
like steps that rise to lead to a better day…
in the name of humanity let’s assert to say
‘little hands need little pebbles only for play!’

~ Pravin Sabnis
(triggered by a video of a young child carrying stones to hurl at the crooks who unleashed violence on members from his community)

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