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Out of form – MondayMuse (22 Jan’18)

the MONDAY MUSE of 22 January 2018 was wrongly posted on my poetry blog instead of here... here is making amends...


On Facebook, Parag Hede raised a thought-provoking point on the term ‘out of form’ which is used to explain failure of sportspersons. The deliberations identified that it could be due to distractions (lack of focus) or fortification of a bad practice (habit) or a state of mind or confirmation of incapability to measure up to new challenges.

It is pertinent to note that ‘out of form’ is not an occurrence exclusive to sports. Other disciplines too, show good ‘players’ go through periods of repeated failures or underperforming. In sports, ‘out of form’ players have to take corrective steps or step out of the next game. It should be similar for other disciplines too!

Every enterprise can have best performers slip into ‘out of form’. When it occurs, one has to introspect and take remedial actions. But we may not to do so as our failures may not be up for public scrutiny (especially in comparison to other players). We may not have a coach or a selection committee to identify our ‘out of form’ status. And few of us would publicly accept our predicament even if we were aware of it.

For our own sake, we must define criteria of performance and assign evaluators to conduct appraisals. Business teams, professionals, organisations are increasingly appointing auditors to assess performance. These performance auditors must be impartial and timely to ensure prompt remedial actions for positive transformations.

Failure to take corrective steps sets us back in our tracks. Hence we need to have assessment of our defective actions. Additionally, we need to be told the reasons for repeated mediocre results or underperforming. When we are told, we will know. When we know, we can take steps to get out of ‘out of form’!

Only when we know we are ‘out of form’…
We can walk the remedial route to reform

~ Pravin Sabnis

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