Monday, November 13, 2017


Over the years, Rotary Club of Panaji has been making a difference in many ways for the St. Xaviers Academy for special children at Old Goa. The bakery was renovated and refurbished. The performance space was made user friendly. A toilet Block was built. All these have been led by the key efforts of A D Prasad.

Last Saturday, at a simple function to hand over scholarships to the students and inaugurate the toilet block, Prasad was asked to say a few words. Indeed he said a few words. He spelt out in a single sentence his next proposed project for the academy. Nothing more! Nothing less!

It would have been fitting for Prasad to speak about his significant contributions and efforts made by him. His recount would have been very inspiring. Yet he chose to skip the nostalgia of the past. He chose to give a slip to the indulgence in the present. He chose to look forward and commit to the future.

Narrating the nostalgia of a great journey is a good stimulus to learn and be influenced. Looking at the milestone reached can generate gratification and propel greater enthusiasm for the path ahead. However, the greatest motivation comes from the visionary act of forward-looking.

Forward-looking is not just seeing the desired road ahead. It is more about looked-for steps by us to reach the desired destination. It is about the resolve for making all necessary efforts as a personal initiative. The ‘past’ and ‘present’ can be occasion to celebrate the effort but the ‘future’ is the one that beckons on greater journeys.

Never mind milestones of a journey of notable bends…
Forward-looking reminds us that the road is yet to end!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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