Monday, January 9, 2012


The search is on for a “perfect” home by those who live in houses that seem “imperfect”. The quest is a better and bigger personal space and privacy. Nevertheless, in the new home too, there is a growing concern for privacy even if the number of people in the family has reduced. And the commonly preferred choice is to build walls!

The divisive wall between the two Germanys may have been brought down, but new ones rise in our homes. Balconies are enclosed with walls of brick or cages of metal grills. Windows are covered with walls of one-way glass or double layered curtains. Doors and windows are kept closed so often, making one wonder why they were put there at all. Fence walls are getting higher… gated communities are growing!

Communication gaps are widening between family members due to each one retiring to their own rooms. The same is true for relationships within neighbourhoods. This is not to rubbish privacy or security concerns. Gibran wrote, “May there be spaces in your togetherness.” We, of course, create only spaces, sans togetherness.

It would be better if we were to emulate the Japanese way of making homes. Of course they live in a seismic sensitive land that influences the design of walls which are essentially delicate frames that can slide and fold… where home is when all walls are put away! Relationships thrive only when the walls make way for an opening…

Put away the walls and open every window…
Let’s BE BETTER at making bonds truly grow!

- Pravin K. Sabnis
Ooty, India.

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