Monday, January 16, 2012


A pet dog’s late night howling woke up his owner and his wife. They tossed and turned for a while. The dog’s laments continued. The wife asked her husband to go out and see the reason for the dog’s distress. The man barely stirred saying, “I’m too tired to move”.

The howling continued for another hour, and again the wife begged the husband to go and see what was troubling the dog. Again he gave the same answer, “I’m too tired to move”.

Eventually the wife went out into the night and the howling stopped. When the wife returned, the man asked, “What was wrong with that stupid dog?” “He was lying on a thorn bush” said the woman “He was just too tired to move”.

So often so many of us are like the dog – people who would rather howl and complain rather than change their position? So often, so many of us are like the man – people who would rather suffer and wait for someone else to solve their problems instead of doing it themselves. The excuse masquerading as a reason is that we are too tired to move.

Lethargy is a matter of choice not a product of circumstance. Rather than be stuck in an apathetic attitude, we must choose to step out of inactiveness. Surely it would be better to claim ownership of every predicament that surrounds us and respond aptly and promptly.

Shun the defeating excuse of being too tired to move...
Let’s BE BETTER at promptly choosing the proactive groove!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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