Monday, January 23, 2012


A man believed that his wife was turning deaf. Before going for medical help, he decided to confirm his doubts through a simple test. When his wife was in the kitchen, he stood at the door, some 10 feet away, and called out, ‘Darling, what are you doing?’ He heard no answer.

He walked to an arms’ distance behind her and repeated his question. When he heard no reply, he was sure his wife was really deaf. Nevertheless, he stepped next to her, and repeated his query in her ear. His wife replied, ‘this is the third time, I am telling you that I am cooking. You should go to see a doctor for your hearing problem.’

It was the man who could not hear his wife’s answer, but he believed that it was his wife that could not hear his questions. So often we test the capabilities and competencies of others, but surely it would be better to test our own realities. If the problem lies within, the test would be incapable of reflecting reality.

So every time, we find fault with somebody, let’s ensure that our opinion is not a faulty perception based on erroneous observation handicapped by our own shortcomings. We must test our own inadequacies first, lest they negatively influence our assessment when we test others.

To BE BETTER at knowing what’s faulty...
Every confirming test must start with me!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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