Monday, May 14, 2018


A Goan family owned many mango trees and the mango season would fill up the house with mangoes kept for ripening. The family could feast on excellent home ripened mangoes but this was not to be. Every day, the family members would be served overripe mangoes which were obviously past their best.

Over the season, the family would be eating only the worst mangoes as there was a new set of overripe fruit, every day. Despite having the best of produce, they were unable to enjoy its flavour. It was ironic that the abundance was useless as they were only consuming the ones on the way to decay.

To set things right, all that the family had to do was to share the ripe or near ripe mangoes with others. These would ensure that mangoes would be eaten or shared before they turned overripe. It would result in a win-win situation where everyone was eating mangoes ripened just right.

Consider the instance of tasty food that we may have cooked or ordered from outside.. There are persons who allow it to remain in the refrigerator till it decays. The choices are restricted to eating it as it is or throw it away or share the unwanted item in an act of bad generosity. All these options are bad due to their timing.

So often, so many of us hold on to things till they are past their best. Some of us share things only when they are festering to the point of decay. The timing matters. We must share when things are just right. We must let go of the tendency to hold on to things till they get spoilt. If we don’t we will have to deal with the predicament of the ‘overripe’.

Before time, stuff must be shared
Else the overripe fix will be flared!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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