Monday, September 25, 2017


On coming Thursday, he would have turned 110. But Bhagat Singh died a martyr at the young age of 23. He lives on as an immortal inspiration for the youth…

The greatest inspiration is that Bhagat did so much and wrote so extensively in such a short span. Many say that if he lived longer, he would have created greater impact. But surely, he lived his life packing every moment with worthy actions far surpassing the ones by so many who have lived more than two or three times his age.

We must ask ourselves whether we are adding life to our years or years to our life. The latter does not require much effort on our part. To exist or survive is not a great challenge. We must make our life worthy of living by doing every extra bit of effort at the present moment.

Most of us are waiting for later… we wait for the ‘right moment’! But procrastination is the executioner of passion and potential. The best time to do any good was yesterday. The second best time is today! Tomorrow may be late. We must involve in worthy living NOW!

Bhagat showed length of the road does not matter
We must do worthy living NOW, don't wait for later!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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