Monday, May 29, 2017


Last Monday, six books of plays written by Suchita Narvekar were published. The books are scripts of successful plays that have completed many shows. Speaking on the occasion, she mentioned that an acquaintance remarked, ‘Six books? You wrote six books? You must be having a lot of time at your disposal.’

It is pertinent to note that Suchita is a player of many parts: an enterprising entrepreneur, a passionate theatre person, a popular jockey on radio, a responsive and socially conscious citizen and a super active person. Obviously she has her plate full! Yet she was able to find the time to write and publish her plays.

Time is a resource that is equally available to everyone. Yet some like Suchita can find the time to do many activities while others seem to repeat the refrain, ‘I have no time!’ Pedro says that every time we declare that we don’t have time, it means that we don’t how to or we don’t want to. While the former is about time management skills, the latter reflects the resistance coming from our attitude.

If we all have the same hours to the day, everyone is equally advantaged to do the things we want. Hence the cue lies in the desire to do things. Hence, persons like Suchita find the time to do many diverse things as they are driven by a passion to do those things. And if we do all the things we like, we lead fuller lives. Eventually it is the busy who can find time because they are motivated to do so!

Fill up life with purposes born of passion
Find the time to involve in many actions!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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