Monday, May 22, 2017

Cheerful Choice

Facial expressions are a response to a stimulus. They are signals of emotion and social intent as a reaction to a situation or event or an individual or even a thought. However there are times when this choice is sans stimulus. This is reflected in what I like to call the neutral expression.

The neutral expression is one you wear without any stimulus, not even thought. It is the visual that others notice when you are by yourself. You could be walking, waiting or watching, all without knowing that you are being observed. It is the face that a candid camera would capture.

Some wear a blank expression, some have a persistent frown, some seem gloomy, some seem tired, some seem seething... but there are ones who seem perpetually pleased. Their eyes are alight with bliss. The smile curve is never reversed without reason. Being with such persons is a boon as their cheer is infectious.

Being cheerful cannot be a single choice of wearing a beaming expression. We need the internal trigger of positivity. We must be at peace with disappointments and doubts. We must look forward with hope. We must let go of hate and vengefulness. We must unlearn conditioning that introduces negativity in our attitude.

We cannot choose our situation at all times. We cannot choose results to our efforts. We cannot choose reactions of others. But we can choose positive thinking… of belief and hope… never mind the stimulus or the absence of it. Our neutral expression can be sunny even when we face darkness born of fatigue or failure… we will be enthused and energized… and so will others who see us!

Never mind the stimulus or the lack of it…
The choice to be cheerful is worth every bit!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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