Monday, June 20, 2016


Pedro’s father was ailing and pining to meet him. But, Pedro, who was working in another city, was busy with his job assignments. Eventually, the old man was admitted to the hospital and the doctors said he would not last long. Pedro was told about it but he reached three days later… a day after his father had died!

When admonished, Pedro nonchalantly stated that bus travel made him nauseous and train tickets were only available for the day he came on. Obviously, when asked why he didn’t choose to travel by air, Pedro would use his fear of flying as an excuse. Air travel was traumatic for him and hence, it was a closed option.

Six months later, Pedro was deputed by his organisation to go to America for six month training. Pedro took the flight!

Pedro used his fear of flying as a justification for his lack of motivation in visiting his father. However, when lured by other motives, he did not find any mental blocks in sitting in an aircraft that would take a longer flight. His fear did not matter anymore.

Our justifications stand exposed when we choose to change our actions in different situations due to altered motives. So often, so many of us make excuses for tasks which we do not really want to undertake. And the mask slips when a fresh lure appeals to our sense of judgement.

We must examine every justification we make. We must check whether it is a valid reason or an excuse. We delude ourselves when we succumb to the declaration of dishonest excuses. It is pertinent to note that never mind his public pretence, Pedro cannot justify to himself, his inability to be with his father when it mattered most.

Reasons stand the test of altered motivation
If not, then they are convenient justification!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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