Monday, June 27, 2016


A young boy was flying a kite. He asked his mother, ‘What makes a kite fly high?’ He expected his mother to appreciate him. However his mother replied, ‘The string!’ The boy was aghast, ‘the string is holding the kite down… it’s the wind that makes it fly high… and of course, the way I use the wind to make my kite fly higher…’

The mother calmly replied, ‘If you think the string is holding the kite down, then set the kite free… let it go higher… let it soar.’ All those who have flown kites will tell you that when the string is cut, the kite comes down… in a lifeless and listless manner. The young lad had learnt a valuable lesson. So, can we!

There are things that we believe are holding us down and preventing us from soaring higher in life. However, if we look closely, they may be the ones that can help us grow and glow in life… they may be like the string that makes the kite soar high…. This string is called discipline.

It is said so well, ‘If it is going to be… it’s up to me!’ We need to develop discipline if we wish to soar high, like a kite in the sky. Look around and we notice that achievers are successful due to high levels of discipline.

But, discipline is considered a dampener. It is found to be irritating and infuriating. Human beings, by instinct, abhor rules. We hate to mould our lives to somebody else’s set of rules. However, we can have our own set of rules… self-discipline.

To soar like a kite and take high flight
Ensure the discipline string is tight!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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