Monday, January 26, 2009


The Sunday that went by was marked by a unique felicitation of Goan social activist, Ramesh Gawas. The excuse was the recent award he received from the President of India for his excellent services as a teacher. But the real reason was that his students, colleagues and friends wanted to put into practice the very lessons of social responsibility of Ramesh… The function was simple and humble (just like Ramesh) but the highlight was an ultimate act of generosity!

Generosity is a desirable habit. In times of natural disasters, we see relief being provided voluntarily by individuals or groups sharing gifts of time, money, labour and other resources. However, generosity should not be limited to times of great need such as natural disasters and extreme situations. Hence, donating blood is encouraged as an exercise, not only when needed, but also as blood banking.

Ramesh’s friends chose to initiate a commitment to the ultimate act of big-heartedness… Over 50 persons led by Ramesh signed up declarations to donate their bodies after death! They further resolved to create awareness about the worthy cause and widen the circle of influence to get more and more people to sign up for the mission born of the emotion of empathy.

Everyone would like to leave a legacy so that they are remembered after death. What act could be a better legacy then to help a blind person see the world, or help the need to transplant a heart, kidneys and other organs… especially, when the eyes, heart, kidney, liver are ours. We must connect and commit to this act of generosity that shall live even after our death…

Death shall not punctuate our ultimate act of generosity…
Our resolve of body donation shall BE BETTER for humanity!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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