Monday, July 30, 2018

Not Crooked

On social media, Pedro received a forwarded photo. It captured the hammering of a straight nail into the woodwork, leaving aside a line of crooked nails (that got bent with the first blow of the hammer). The caption spelled out the lesson: ‘The crooked ones will be left alone; the straight ones will get hammered!’ 

Pedro responded with a diagonally different interpretation: Those that are crooked will be discarded in the scrap heap. Those that are straight will end up being useful!

So often, the nicest of persons, who walk the upright path, are sure that they are going to face the brunt of being ‘straight’. They may continue to align with their values, yet they are convinced that the crooked cheats will get the better returns.

While it is true that the choice to be ‘not crooked’ may result in tough outcomes, we must realise that it is the best thing to do. It empowers trust and enhances our trustworthiness. People rely on the ‘straight’ ones and stay away from the ‘crooked’ ones. Mankind has found use of those who are ‘not crooked’.

Believing in the usefulness of being ‘not crooked’ is very important to being happy with the choice that one has made. Just being ‘straight’ is not enough. We have to also believe that we are doing the right thing. We must rejoice that we have chosen to be ‘not crooked’.

The ‘crooked’ may seem to instantly benefit…
Into worthiness, the ‘not crooked’ will truly fit!

~ Pravin K Sabnis

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