Monday, June 11, 2018


The ultimate quest that we yearn for is happiness. Every achievement or success means less if it does not bring along inner joy. We wait for happy moments without realizing that the moment that went by and that the moment that comes will bring happiness only if choose to be happy. 

We tend to set too many criteria for happiness: ‘when I get this’, ‘when I have more money’, ‘when I have a better house, better furniture, so on and so forth’ and we forget to live every day, enjoying the moment. Eventually joy is an attitude not a destination.

So how does one become joyful? We can learn from little children. They can gleefully play with empty boxes and other trivia. For them, the sights of a bright flower or a chirpy bird or a gushing stream or a rainbow are triggers of great joy. A day of play with friends and family, whether outdoors or indoors, are occasions for joyfulness.

Surely, we were the same when young. We should be reclaim our ability (as a child) to truly live in the moment, not just based on the things in hand but the imagination to see them as things of joy! More important than money and material are the valuable moments of time invested in enjoying simple pleasures to be joyful.

Real or imagined… every little toy
Is opportunity to dip deep into joy!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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