Monday, February 12, 2018


The trainer was addressing his learners, ‘we update our mobiles and computers… we upgrade various appliances and machines that we use… we update our status on social media… we modernize our furniture and clothes… we tend to update everything that we use… but do we update our learning?’

A voice, from the back rows, queried, ‘Do you?’

So often, persons from my tribe (of trainers, teachers, educators), preach something that we may not be practising. Among such gaps in the ‘walk-talk’ is the tendency to insist that the learners should learn and yet we may not involve in the learning process to update our knowledge, skills and attitude.

We will not handover repairs to a mechanic who is not updated with the latest developments regarding the machine. We prefer professionals who keep updating and upgrading their know-hows and skills. Sportspersons keep trying to learn newer and better ways of playing the sport. The one who knows is the one who grows!

We must update our competencies and capabilities. As seniors, we recommend it to our juniors. As parents, we insist that our children do it. As preachers, we expect our followers to practise it. But it is pertinent to be able to affirmatively answer the question posed to us by our children, learners or juniors, ‘Do you update?’

Don’t be smug with competence of the past
Those who update are the ones who will last!

~ Pravin Sabnis

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