Monday, December 18, 2017

Measure of Memories

Memories of a friend begin to fill my mind
in spaces where we met, I seek him to find...
But, I cannot find or meet him anymore
as before his time, my friend had to go!

Two are needed to hold a relationship rope
when one lets go, the other seems sans hope!
But we can refuse to let go and find a way
To keep our friend alive by our actions today!

We must move beyond sorrow and pain...
and learn from the measure of grain!
When the measure overflows it is a clue
that someone has made add-ons new!  

The memory measure needs moments anew
It will surely overflow even if add-ons are few...
The things he loved to do, we must do again
Instead of grieving loss, let's add to the gain!

Recreating moments will carry on the show
as we build on a memory of joy not woe
And when the memory measure overflows...
it will make us feel that he did not really go!

May the effort be followed by another one
by doing the things he would have done…
Let’s move beyond the wistful memory rim
And fill them with positives beyond the brim!

May newer memories overflow the measure
as a tribute to the one who was a treasure…
The ‘measure of memories’, it is found to be true
is ‘memories without measure’ in add-ons we do! 

(it is an year since my friend, Ravi Shirsat passed away on 16 December 2016... he (& his wife Poonam) had gifted me an 'overflowing measure of grain' to wish me abundance... this muse is a resolve to make my 'measure of memories of Ravi' overflow)

~ Pravin Sabnis

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