Monday, February 13, 2017

Live Mic

The trainer was conducting a session on Interpersonal Communication. He was urging the participants to be courteous, dignified, open minded and responsive. He was recommending certain best practices to ensure the absence of hurtfulness or aggression in the interaction especially during conversations on the telephone.

In the break, the trainer went to the washroom. While there, he got a call from his secretary. For no reason, he got abusive and started heaping humiliations on her. All the participants in the hall were aghast. They had heard every word as the trainer had forgotten to switch off the microphone connected to the collar of his shirt!

The mic is always on for those who preach, those who take centre stage, those who take the high moral ground… major microphone gaffes have exposed the two faced behaviour of people who have diametrically diverse conduct in public space and private space. Such revelations of unacceptable inconsistency have felled many an image.

It is about core character and how we behave in different spaces at different times. It is pertinent to note that the mic is always on and we should remain aligned to our values that must remain constant whether on stage or off it. The live mic is a test of character that is confirmed by constancy in actions… whether we are what we project ourselves to be!

The live mic is surely a real check
Of a consistent act on every deck!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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