Monday, January 16, 2017

Belief Handicap

Struck by paraplegia after 16 years of normal life, she could not imagine life beyond darkness and misery. The numbness in her body below the waist also involved the loss of bladder and bowel control. However she drew inspiration from her father’s favourite quote- ‘khudh ko kar buland itna ke kudha tujhi se puche- bataa teri raza kya hai’ (empower yourself such that God himself succumbs to your wish).

She understood that staying bedridden was not the solution. What lay ahead was not just physical but also economical dependency. She had to first overcome her ‘belief handicap’. Determined to defeat her predicament, she confronted the odds and experienced encouraging results, a growing self-confidence and an emerging positive outlook over-riding her post paraplegia negative views.

To improve her physical self-sufficiency, she got a wheel chair. She continued her education, obtained a Degree in Economics, got a Government job, and eventually progressed up to the position of Deputy Office Superintendent of Customs and Central Excise, on her own merits. Her tryst with overcoming the belief handicap is chronicled in her Marathi book, 'Chakachi khurchi' (The wheel chair).

Dr Naseema Hurzuk, fondly called Naseema didi, brought together a team of like-minded people, mostly physically challenged, to establish a residential rehabilitation center – ‘Helpers of the Handicapped’ at Kholapur, Maharashtra. Her team offers training and opportunities for the physically challenged to turn self-reliant persons living with dignity and pride. But the first step is to overcome the belief handicap!

We are restricted to despair by our belief handicap. Never mind the severity of the impediment; we can surmount every shortcoming if we rise above disbelief. The human mind needs the catalyst of self-belief to rise above overwhelming hurdles. Naseema didi and many others have inspired us to rise above the belief handicap.

The biggest of them all is the belief handicap…
When we overcome it, the future is ours to tap!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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