Monday, December 12, 2016

Blind Spot

Often, Pedro would be in furious quest to find his missing spectacles or keys or mobile phone. The hunt would stop when someone would point out that the very thing he was looking out for was actually in his possession. While others could easily see what he was unnecessarily searching… for Pedro it was a blind spot!

A similar journey involves for our search to discover our true self! Our true self is obvious to the ones who encounter us often. Others can see the obvious because they see it in our behavioural responses.

If we analyse the consistency or the lack of our behaviour in response to varied persons and situations, we will be able to understand the choices we make based on our wants and needs. However, our true self need not be a blind spot.

Others can help us realise what we really are, but it is only we who can choose what we want to be. Hence, rather than spend time, effort and energy on getting to know our true self, we must choose to be what we would like to be. It is important to focus on what we would like to be, instead of only determining what we are!

Lest your real self be hidden, like a blind spot
Choose to be what you want… right to the dot!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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