Monday, November 14, 2016


The demonetisation initiative of the Government created immediate difficulties for people who did not have usable currency or debit/credit cards. However excessive panic was triggered by propaganda that notes of the denomination of Rs. 500/- and Rs 1000/- were rendered worthless paper.

The reality was that the notes were not worthless… they had to be exchanged with new currency. Bankers worked for extra hours to facilitate this exchange but there was bound to be discomfort and distress for a few days. It was pertinent to note that no honest citizen was going to lose the value of his hard earned money.

Obviously crooks would cook up ingenious remedies to retain their unaccounted wealth. Many from this very tribe kept repeating the rumour that the notes in hand had no value. Some used it to support, some used it to oppose the move to demonetise. All that was needed was a simple exchange to retain the same value!

That which has intrinsic worth will not lose its value if appropriate steps are taken to align with newer dimensions of worthiness in changed circumstances. It is significant to note that the value of the currency will not reduce as long as we follow the legal procedure to retain the stated worth.

Similarly, as persons our personal worth is retained by ensuring that our values do not change with the situation. If our values our intact, then our character will be worthy. If our character is worthy, our worth will never be victim to the vagaries of time or situation as long as we make ethical changes. Personal worthiness is a value we can retain even when circumstances vacillate.

Change is a must when circumstances falter…
Retain worthiness by choosing to ethically alter!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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