Monday, September 5, 2016


The beauty of every star with its simmering light
Can be seen from afar as they gather in the night,
Each has its own spark, yet they glitter as one
Like the colours of the rainbow born of the sun.

Seven colours bind together for the rainbow to emerge…
Would a rainbow ever form, if they chose to diverge?
When people get together, a nation is raised
Differences bring despair and defeat staring in our face

Every drop makes the sea; otherwise what is a sea?
Every act is crucial that carries the value of empathy
Let go of egocentricity, don’t stay aloof and away...
Let’s join hands together to create a beautiful day!

The farmer ploughs the land to reap a golden grain
The cowherd is not rewarded with milk, without any pain
The blacksmith shapes the iron with tools that shine!
The potter shapes the clay with a picture in his mind

All these are faces of effort… a desire to have a say...
With enmity to none… and a dream to seize the day
Deep down we are alike, no one is a stranger,
That is the real truth, stars are meant to be together!

(poem penned in 2005 inspired by ‘Ye tara’ song from movie ‘Swades’)
- Pravin K. Sabnis

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