Monday, April 18, 2016


Last week, environmentalists gathered to cheer their favourite muse – Rajendra Kerkar – as his first book in English was released. The book – Natural Heritage of Goa – is a compilation of select articles published in a daily newspaper. It is a useful guide to the remarkable biodiversity of Goa with insights into facts as well as legends.

There are many other sincere researchers who have involved in the research of the heritage of Goa, but Bhaee (as Kerkar is fondly addressed) did more. He did not restrict to academics but also involved in grass root assertion for the cause of Nature, whether it was fighting to save the Mhadei river or the indiscriminate and illegal mining or the denial by the government that Goa was the land of the tiger.

Bhaee’s work is not just about resistance but also about positive discourse. His real effectiveness has been in inspiring and influencing many youth to follow his path of learning about our natural heritage. And many of his learners have built sustainable ventures in green activities that are taking more people to their roots. The success of Bhai is in transferring his vision and mission to others

There are many persons with the right values, the right thoughts and the right practices. But when these values, thoughts and practices are shared positively to inspire others, then our world is empowered with newer recruits to power the positive cause. That is the real legacy of people like Bhaee… to widen the circle of influence.

May every dedicated person influence many more
every cause requires increasing numbers to score

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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