Monday, January 18, 2016

Ride more boats

‘Don Voddeani paim dovrunk zaina’
-       Konkani proverb (you cannot keep your feet in two canoes)

This proverb was referred to by the poet with the silver mane in 2001, at the International Goans Convention. Manoharrai Sardessai was always an inspirational muse to scores of the loyal fans of his poetry, prose and philosophy. On that day, he referred to the Konkani quote but unveiled a new paradigm… the ancient Goan tradition of combining two boats to create a larger platform called ‘sangodd’.

Today marks 10 years of celebrating his birthday in his absence. His take on things, both, Goan and global, continues to hold immortal inspiration. Manoharrai’s message of the harmonizing dimension of ‘sangodd’ has greater relevance in today’s times when every question arouses diametrically extreme viewpoints that spark off bitterness and hostility. His own life reflected the ‘sangodd’.

He wrote mature political ballads as well as delightful songs for children. Besides writing in Konkani, he also indulged in the mastery of Marathi, French, English and other languages. As a teacher he never gave up studying. He wrote about rationalism and socialism and simultaneously penned prayers to Shantadurga and Jesus. He published his books in multiple languages and scripts.

We can ride many canoes, if we build a larger platform across them to create a sangodd. In fact, when we ride single boats we confine ourselves to restrictive moats. But when we build the harmonising sangodd over diverse boats, we equip ourselves to ride greater seas and greater challenges... like the immortal inspiration of Manoharrai Sardessai!

Build the unifying sangodd, ride more boats
Diversity helps cross the confines of moats

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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