Monday, February 20, 2012


Four children and others died on Saturday when the bus they were travelling skidded into a river. The driver has been arrested. The bus owner is accused of running an unfit vehicle and authorities who cleared it, are being questioned, too. Indignation is on a high but as time passes, this very emotion will turn effervescent. The unjustifiable will be justified or just be forgotten in the blame game.

In 1993, it was found that the RDX explosives got smuggled into Mumbai, due to the complicity of custom officials. While many were proven to be complicit with the crime, there was one who insisted that he was falsely informed that it was a regular consignment of silver that was being smuggled. Obviously, he found no fault in permitting what he perceived to be a lesser crime.

Degrees cannot be defined in unjustifiable acts. Yet we resort to such excuses when we make choices that are in variance with integrity. We err when we seek to defend the indefensible. What is harmful will eventually turn deadly. But till it turns deadly, we cannot insist that the degree of our action is less harmful.

To be better at being true to what is right and just for all; we must shun every unjustifiable act. We must scrutinise all actions, including our own, through the lens of uprightness, lest we turn accomplices in wrongdoing. This will give us greater strength and consistent conviction when we insist on accountability of every unjustifiable scam.

Let’s BE BETTER at steering clear of every ruse…
Wrongdoing can never be justified by any excuse!

- Pravin K. Sabnis

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