Monday, November 17, 2008


Yours truly conducted two training workshops at the JCI World Congress held in Delhi from 4 to 9 November. Participants tend to be lavish in their praise if they like the workshop and we, as trainers, endeavour to sift the grain from the chaff so that we can connect to real feedback. The maximum appreciation is reserved for my action of giving away my entire presentation to the participants for free.

However, some question the wisdom of sharing knowledge so freely. In fact a couple of trainer friends advised me to stop the “professional hara-kiri” I was committing by sharing training anecdotes in my Monday Muse series. My response is to quote Rabindranath Tagore who wished for a land “where knowledge is free.”

It is ironic that in today’s internet driven knowledge world, some people insist on claiming ownership of learning which itself is based on an understanding based on the learning shared by others. Knowledge flourishes only when shared freely. In fact, knowledge is threatened by efforts to confine or control its sharing.

Learning needs to be freed of fetters to enhance collaboration and cooperation. The scope for development of knowledge is enhanced when it is allowed to be acquired, interpreted and applied freely. A choice to walk the path of libre-knowledge is very liberating. An individual who shares knowledge freely is considered worthy of not only affection, respect, trust; but also as deserving of greater sharing by others, too.

To BE BETTER at walking the way of the wise…
Choose to share knowledge freely to rise!

- Pravin-da

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