Monday, July 14, 2008


The cartoon is the first thing that most people choose to read in their daily newspaper. Surely it is one of the most important essentials in forming public opinion –- because a visual generally has a greater impact than a sentence does. Hence cartoonists have a bigger influence on the way readers look at various issues.

While Cartoons make us laugh, they are no laughing matter. They have the power to express as well as provoke thinking. The much loved Goan Cartoonist, Alexyz has been doing just that… provoking his readers to think through his caricatures which are accompanied by creative verse.

Seeing Alexyz’s works it is clear that cartooning is not just about a skill. The eventual cartoon is the tip of the iceberg of larger knowledge of the concerned issue. Alexyz is not a distant observer… rather, he is a wandering traveller who connects to his land, environment and people around!

Most importantly, cartooning requires a proactive, positive attitude. We see all that in Alexyz… an ability to discover hope amidst despair, humour amidst sadness, vision amidst darkness… And it is this quality of cartoonists that we need to connect to be better as citizens who seek to be part of the solution to the problems that surround.

- Pravin-da

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